3 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

1) Be in full control!

I think many self-published authors make the big mistake and neglect the so important steps after writing is done (editing/layout formatting/cover design/eBook file conversion) and only publish with Amazon. 

Many groups advise just that: Upload your MS Word doc file to Amazon, make the cover using Amazon’s template, use Amazon’s free ISBN (the imprint will be Amazon’s) and sign up for Amazon KDP Select (the exclusive publishing deal where you are NOT allowed to list anywhere else not even on your own website). I never recommend to agree on an exclusive deal no matter how big the company is (unless you get a big advance upfront).

2) Self-publish professionally

MS Word is NOT layout software but a word processor; a cover template is not a professionally designed cover regardless how nice the template looks. What I learned in my 23+ years as a publishing executive is ‘Professional self-publishing means professional all the way and not only with writing’ – it involves:

  • 1. Writing (do it yourself)
  • 2. Editing 
  • 3. Layout/Typesetting 
  • 4. File conversion (ePub/mobi/pdf) + ISBN/barcode
  • 5. Cover
  • 6. Upload to ALL major retailers (Amazon/Apple/Google/kobo/B&N) (do it yourself)

(Steps 2-4 should be outsourced to a professional).

3) Don’t use third-party distribution for major retailers

Create your OWN account with all major retailers, and upload your books yourself. By outsourcing distribution, you’re letting publishers/distributors take control of your book (and you get less profit).

The publishing industry is constantly evolving. So it’s important to pay attention to changes early.

Self-publishing is the way to go. Ask a question and I’ll make a post about it 👇

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