Neville Allen was born in Tasmania, Australia, where he spent his childhood and teen years. Much of his early life revolved around sport. As a 100 and 200 metres (track) sprinter, he was selected to compete in Olympic Trials and held state records over both distances.  Until his early 30s, his work covered a diverse range of activities in various parts of the country, from major cities to remote, uninhabited regions of the Australian continent. He has worked as a clerk, sales rep., administration manager, labourer, crocodile shooter, banana farmer and fisherman.His career as a  professional writer started with magazine and newspaper articles about the Australian Outback, where he lived for several years. These resulted in offers of full-time work first as a general news reporter with the Morning Bulletin in Rockhampton and later as Features Writer with another daily, the Gold Coast Bulletin. Here, he was responsible for establishing its popular section of  'Travel', which he wrote and edited for the following 19 years. This work required him to travel extensively, both within his own country and overseas.He quickly developed a love of Asia, in particular Thailand. Over a period of more than 20 years, he was, on numerous occasions, sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand, to visit and research stories on the 'land of smiles'. In the mid-nineties, he lived for a period in Bangkok. Since retiring from full-time newspaper work, most of his literary pursuits have involved magazine travel editing, and writing short stories. A number of these have won or placed in national competitions.Neville Allen has an on-going love and respect for the people of Thailand and he continues to visit the Kingdom once or twice every year. He resides, with his wife, on Queensland's sunny Gold Coast.