Robert Bell was born in the UK and after years of visits finally relocated to Thailand 7 years ago. His first novel, Rough Diamonds, which he has made available for free download, draws heavily on his experiences in his early years living in Thailand. Many of the more surprising events actually happened to him, although they are set in a fictional bar and group of guys. The story of the characters, and venues, Robert created continues in Diamond Fellowship and Facets of Thai Diamonds. History is revealed, and they set up a business empire.Robert has just released his fourth book in which a past, that Paul Swift thought he'd left behind in Germany, comes to control the present. The fictional sois that Robert created are the backdrop to this thriller, but the characters are new.Robert now lives in North East Thailand and is working on a new book, and a series of short stories. In particular, Saturdays Child is based on his own experiences following the death of a soulmate. Robert now lives in Isaan with his adopted Thai family, although he regularly returns to Pattaya.