These works are the stories of my life - just your average (pommie) Englishman - beginning from birth, childhood, school-days, adolescence and then service life with its world travels, through to leaving the Royal Air Force and England to re-unite with my family in Australia (they had emigrated there almost five years earlier) only for me to resume travelling again during and after my (officially) 21 years of marriage to an Australian lady and my 34 years of residency, citizenship and family life there...This book is based on my true-life experiences and was mainly written in stages and in eleven countries over the years (1967 - 2014). It is compiled in short-story, poetry and travelling diary formats, with imaged supplied, and includes light-hearted and humorous events of my life as well as the serious side. Riding life's roller-coaster comes much easier with a good sense of humour.Cheers.