Elayne Clift is an award winning writer, author, and journalist whose work has appeared in a variety of venues internationally. Formerly a contributing editor to 'On the Issues', a columnist for New Jersey Woman Magazine, and a regular contributor to such publications as 'New Directions for Women', 'Psychiatric Times', 'Earth Times', and the 'Journal of American Medical Writers', Ms. Clift currently contributes to such international and local media as 'Women's Feature Service', 'The Brattleboro Reformer', 'The Keene Sentinel', and 'The Christian Science Monitor'.Her work has appeared in such major dailies as 'The Washington Post' and 'The Chicago Sun Times'. In 1992, following publication of her first book, 'Telling It Like It Is: Reflections of A Not So Radical Feminist' (KIT Inc.), Ms. Clift received the Award for Excellence in Journalism from the New Jersey Education Association.  She has since published ten more including the edited anthologiese 'But Do They Have Field Experience!' (OGN, 1992), 'Women's Encounters With the Mental Health Establishment: Escaping the Yellow Wallpaper' (Haworth Press, 2002), and 'Women Philanthropy and Social Change: Visions for A Just Society' (UPNE/Tufts U. Press, 2005).In addition to her literary and academic writing, Ms. Clift has published widely on women and gender issues, international development, health, and the environment.  Her work has also been featured in a number of prominent travel, regional, and in-flight magazines.  In addition to writing and consulting (women, communication, development), Ms. Clift holds adjunct faculty positions at several New England colleges and universities and she is a visiting scholar at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.