Nils B. Vogt, Dr.philos, born in Bangkok 58 years ago and in 2006 moved back from Norway as a semi-retiree. He is married and lives in Bangkok with a wife who runs a small apartment-building, a restaurant and a broker-business. His interest for Southeast Asian and Thai history and culture combined with an interest for photography has led him to start“My interest for temple-caves in Thailand is partly based on the temple-caves being beautifully decorated places of worship, and because they are unique religious and cultural links to the past. Having sought to find and visit some I realized that there are in fact very many temple-caves in Thailand, that there were no guides describing temple-caves and that most directions to find them were lacking or confusing. I therefore started to compile temple-cave information and data, province-by-province.”The result is this “Picture-Guide Book of Temple-Caves in Thailand” covering all 76 provinces in Thailand listing 480+ temple-caves, of which some 160 are classified as ‘possibles’, together with my pictures from some 42 of these. All temple-caves have short descriptions and driving directions (with latitude and longitude). The book is organized in to five regions and each province is then listed alphabetically.