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What’s The Best Book Size for Print?

There are so many different sized books out there, is there even a standard? What is recommended? You could definitely visit your local bookstore and browse the shelves to see what is most popular in your writing genre and what trim size the bestselling titles use. However, I usually recommend to keep it simple and

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layout & typesetting

What to do after your manuscript is ready?

This week’s question is from Florian Meyer: “Hi George, what steps should I take after I’ve completely written the manuscript for my book? I’ve already proof-read and I’m planning on uploading the file on Amazon and publish it using a cover I made on Canva. Then just print 20+ copies to share with my friends

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book distribution

What is Full Self-Publishing?

Do you want to have full control of every aspect in publishing and cut out the middleman completely? Many authors think they self-publish but they actually aren’t. Although many publish directly with their own account at Amazon, they do not use the same approach with other retailers and use distributors/aggregators where they upload their files

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book distribution

Is your book removed from Google Play? (Author News)

Many authors distribute their books through aggregators/distributor (3rd parties) instead of creating their own independent accounts with retailers. Retailers prefer authors and publishers creating their own accounts instead of going through a distributor. The first retailer implementing this new policy is Google – they now require each author/publisher to have their own Google Play account.

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5 Biggest Mistakes Authors Make

#1 Uploading MS Word doc file to Amazon and letting it convert Many authors tend to think that uploading their MS Word docs is all that is needed and suddenly decide that they have officially ‘self-published’ their books. To let automated software take control of your book’s layout and typesetting is a very WRONG approach.

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Should I use Amazon’s ISBNs or get my own ISBN & barcode?

Amazon will assign an ISBN if you do not provide one. They will also arrange the barcode for your printed book. However, this ISBN cannot be used with other retailers and has Amazon as an imprint. It might be better to get your ISBN if you plan to make your book available on retailers other

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book cover

$5 Fiverr vs $297 Book Cover

Difference is everything. I always judge a book by its cover, and I’m sure you do too. The difference between a sale and a fail is the front of your book. But the biggest difference between these two covers is how well they express the power of storytelling. Mix this with the beauty of art

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