Book Description

Is my back cover blurb / book description important to get discovered?

Yes, extremely important! Retailers like Amazon use algorithm similar to Google’s search engine and a good book description will give your title a sales boost.

But how to write the perfect book description?

Start with looking at your competitors. Go to your book genre niche where you are listed, e.g FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Private Investigators, and then look at the top 10 selling books and study their book descriptions – disregard well known authors as their books sell regardless of description but concentrate on authors you never heard of.

Try to find a pattern what works.

What are those authors doing with their book description that works?

Re-write yours – check your sales in the next weeks/months and modify again if no improvement within three months.

Yes, it is a long and hard journey but you spent so much time writing why giving up now?

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