Did Amazon discontinue mobi files ?

If you recently uploaded a new eBook with Amazon you will have noticed Amazon’s guidelines saying, ‘If your MOBI file contains reflowable content (i.e. text-heavy books), we recommend you upload an EPUB file instead.’

Does this mean mobi files are now no longer in use? Yes and No. Amazon will convert your ePub file to their kindle format to make it compatible with Kindle devices, however uploading a generic ePub file is not recommended; TOC (table of contents), links, Amazon’s Look Inside feature and kindle cloud might throw errors. You need to upload kindle optimized ePub files or alternatively, upload mobi files for the time being.

When do I still need a mobi file? You will need the mobi file to sideload onto your Kindle device (you can’t load an ePub with your Kindle) or if you send your file to your reader directly. You would also need the mobi file for ARC (Advanced Reader Copies), which are versions of your book you provide to a select group prior to its full release.

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