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Tomas, Chris (3)
Author since: December 3, 2014

Pages: 86
Language: English
eISBN: 9781633232457
Print ISBN: 9781633232464

Genre: Fiction / Print-On-Demand (POD) /

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This is a fairy tale on leadership. The protagonist, Allo, is a natural king, who was born having everything one could ever ask for…until one fateful night when the Ufiad King ambushes the Light Kingdom because of an unfortunate prophecy. In a matter of hours, Allo loses everything.

Events that follow are not as everyone expects, except for the Head Fairy, keeper of the balance, who seems to know what is in store for the Light people.

The story is set in a strange and yet familiar world of mystical creatures and characters mixed with lifelike troubles and desires. It tells how the fate of a people is determined by a very human, almost insignificant individual, who has his own share of flaws and finds himself in the most pitiable circumstances which are not of his doing, and yet is burdened by the thirst for revenge and royal birthright, struggling within himself.