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Glew, Myles (1)
Author since: January 12, 2011

Pages: 83
Language: English
eISBN: 9786162450198
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Genre: Business & Economics /

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From D for Dummy to M for Millionaire is a how-to-succeed book with a difference. Self-made businessman and author Myles Glew doesn’t offer the usual glib advice about doing well at school and then getting as much tertiary education as possible.
As he says, for some young people, this is a totally unrealistic goal and not being able to achieve it they feel like losers.
‘They’re resentful of a world that labels them as losers so they often go looking for similar people to be part of a gang that can tell that world to get stuffed, preferring to have some status within their group.’
While learning to read is very important, Myles Glew says, success at school is no guarantee of success in life, and even those with the worst marks at school can be, as he has shown, highly successful as adults.


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