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Schliesinger, Joachim (46)
Author since: December 9, 2014

Pages: 141
Language: English
eISBN: 9781633237308
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Genre: Education / History / Religion / Social Science /

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Origin of Man in Southeast Asia 5―Part 2: Hindu Temples in the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago is a work about the process of Indianization and the description of the many candi (Hindu temples) and historic objects discovered in this region from that period.

This second part of the volume illustrates many examples of the more than 180 Hindu temple monuments that were discovered, unearthed and partly restored on Sumatra, Java, Bali and Borneo islands as well as the recent discoveries of ancient Hindu candi and monuments in the Malay Peninsula.

The first part describes the beginning of cartography in this region on the globe from the mid-first millennium BC and the emergence of the early seafarers from India across the Gulf of Bengal to the Malay Peninsula and the islands of Sumatra and Java in the Malay Archipelago.

Both parts of this volume are complemented with plenty of illustrations.


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