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Wilson, G. R. / WriterFX (1)
Author since: March 13, 2017

Pages: 201
Language: English
eISBN: 9781946765253
Print ISBN: 9781946765260

Genre: Biography & Autobiography / Business & Economics / History / Print-On-Demand (POD) / Technology & Engineering / Travel /

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This forthright narrative chronicles the author’s 1996 experiences as he adjusts to a massively transformed world. Emerging from 3 years in Saudi Arabia, and the 2 years prior cocooned in academia, he lands in Abu Dhabi to be hit with the triple-whammy of the NWO (1991), the WTO (1995), and the spigot of “India Inc.” opened wide. Considered too old (at 40) by his feminized native land, and too white-skinned by the Zio-Globalists, he must now face hostile (multicultural) politics and the economic subterfuge orbiting a liberal American empire dedicated to Outsourcing and open borders.
Follow this Engineer’s eclectic adventures from the U.A.E., Malaysia, and England [Book-1] then on to India [Book-2] as he negotiates a series of traps, obstacles, and near calamities while occasionally pausing to seduce a few of the world’s most exotic women.
This authentic, instructional, and entertaining testimony delivers a slew of lessons about how the 1990s cemented the fiscal and “chronically unemployed” quagmire plaguing the Western World since Y2K. Mesmerized by the “Clinton White House”, most people refused to listen back then. Twenty or more years on here’s your best chance to listen now!


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