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Ainsley, Ashton (1)
Author since: August 9, 2017

Pages: 104
Language: English
eISBN: 9781946765772
Print ISBN: 9781946765789

Genre: Fiction /

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A Country and people condemned to the Sharia Law of Islam
Englandia 2067. The country previously known as Great Britain. Now broke up into separate states being ruled by the barbaric medieval Islamic law known as “The Sharia. “ Everything that Britain once was is now forgotten in history with the people of the country forced to convert the Islam and follow the laws of Sharia or face death.
Follow the harrowing and sometimes brutal journey a small group of Infidels (unbelievers) who would not submit to Islam take to escape the harsh conditions of life in Englandia. Witness the horrifying acts of human cruelty they have lived through. Learn of their lives and experiences that come’s with living under this uncompromising law.
This is a must read for all people today, weather you are right wing, left wing, liberal, a patriot or you don’t fully understand the threat the world faces today from radical Islam.