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Jaggs, Peter (23)
Author since: January 14, 2008

Pages: 169
Language: English
eISBN: 9781946765345
Print ISBN: 9781946765352

Genre: Fiction / Humor / Print-On-Demand (POD) / Travel /

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This book takes an offbeat and humorous look at how tourism has changed radically in Thailand over the past thirty-five years, seen through the eyes of two red-blooded young men who made their first trips to the country over three decades apart.
Peter Jaggs provides an unparalleled insight into the night-streets, tourist resorts and rural villages of both modern day and bygone Thailand and goes some way to explaining why many men become so hooked on the country after just one short visit, it changes their lives forever.
Thailand Changes is at the same time both hilarious and sobering. The writing is blunt and honest and about as politically correct as a sexist Klansman on a baby seal hunt wearing an ocelot fur coat, so reader discretion is advised.


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