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Cameron, Leslie (8)
Author since: August 23, 2010

Pages: 269
Language: English
eISBN: 9781641531085
Print ISBN: 9781641531092

Genre: Fiction / Print-On-Demand (POD) /

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Life with Chelsea is just like drinking honey through a straw… It’s never easy – it needs patience. But once you learn the secret, you believe that you can walk on water!
Thailand: Dave Shannon’s wedding day. He has married Chelsea – but before the happy couple can celebrate, his brand-new wife is snatched off the street by the gang of diamond-smuggling Trekkers…
The price of her return? Those 33 diamonds that Anni ‘borrowed’ from Raphael Villavito. The Philippino gang-master wants Dave to hand them back – or pay the market value of $400,000 US dollars…
If only! Six months ago, Anni gave those diamonds to Dave – as the weeks went by, the stones were sold or traded down to zero. But as the news of Chelsea’s return to Thailand spreads, other criminals begin to chase those diamonds…
But forget the diamonds: Chelsea must be rescued from Villavito and his gang of Trekkers. For this, Dave needs help from Sulita and Vivienne – and from Lieutenant Samran of the Thai police…


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