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Ng’oma, Vera Ama (9)
Author since: February 14, 2016

Pages: 164
Language: English
eISBN: 9781641531979
Print ISBN: 9781641531986

Genre: Business & Economics / Newest Release / Print-On-Demand (POD) / Self-Help /

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Are you UP for rising above the noise around you, pushing your boundaries and becoming stellar? Then putting yourself diligently and deliberately on a path that leads UP is the way.
In “UPs for Thriving”, Leadership and Personal development expert Vera Ama Ng’oma shares strategies for developing your ability to advance and soar. The nuggets are plentiful!

Learn How To:

  • DisrUPt your professional life constructively
  • Rack UP small wins regularly and consistently
  • Cear UP for the right kind of help and resources
  • Prime UP your mindset for sustained progression
  • Rise UP quickly and confidently when you stumble
  • Stir youself UP to fight complacency and rustiness
  • Line UP and activate positive self-fulfilling prophecies

If you’re not moving upwards or forwards, you’re going backwards because there is no neutral. “UPs for Thriving” will help you cultivate the enduring brilliance you wish to experience.


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