How long will it take for my e-book to be ready?

Usually within one business day after your approval.

Can I sell my e-book on my own without booksmango?

Yes, this is possible and you can purchase all files from us to do so

Where do you sell my e-book?

We sell worldwide with many retailers and you can opt in/out as you wish. Here a selection:

  1. booksmango
  2. Amazon (kindle)
  3. Apple (iBooks)
  4. Barnes & Noble (Nook)
  5. Google Play
  6. kobo: includes WH Smith (UK); Angus & Robertson, Borders, Collins Books, Whitcoulls (Australia, New Zealand)
  7. Extended distribution: AH, Baker-Taylor, Blackwell’s, bokkilden, BookMate, BookShout, Booktopia, Browns Books,, Buecher, Casa del Libro, derclub, dito, Donauland, e-Sentral, Family, fnac, Gardners, hive, Hugendubel, Indigo, Inktera, kalahari, libraries, libris, Livraria Cultura, Magzter, Mondadori, Mondia Media, O2, Odilo, Otto-Media, OverDrive, PagePlace, Rakuten, Sainsbury’s, Saxo, Scribd, Smashwords, Sony Mobile, T-Mobile, Thalia, Tolino, txtr, Vodafone, Weltbild, Xiaomi, XinXii, Yuzu

Do I need an ISBN number?

Yes, you will need a separate ISBN for your e-book even if you got one for your printed book.

How can I get an ISBN number?

We provide an ISBN for FREE.

What is the minimum print-run?

20 copies

How long will it take to print?

7-10 business days for up to 100 copies

How do I pay?

We accept Bitcoins or make payment by credit card (PayPal) or money transfer (to our Thai, US or Australian bank account)

Can I use the e-book ISBN number for the printed book?

No, you need a separate ISBN number for the printed version

Do I get an ISBN number?

A charge of $29 applies which includes ISBN, barcode and QR code.

How about the layout & typesetting?

We do the layout free of charge for all non-photo books (or you submit your ready-to-print pdf file).

Design/layout charges for photo books vary between $5-10 per page.

Will my printed book be distributed?

We will sell in online with our site and can arrange distribution within Thailand only and/or with Amazon POD.

What is Amazon / Barnes & Noble POD?

We can make a printed version of your book available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Books will be printed by Amazon after receiving an order (POD = Print on Demand) and there is no printing cost for the author.

What costs are involved with Amazon / Barnes & Noble POD?

You have 2 options:
1. Print books with us (digital printing) and receive FREE Amazon and Barnes & Noble POD setup.
2. Amazon and Barnes & Noble POD set-up without any printing with us: $29 one-time fee (includes ISBN).

Are there any further costs with Amazon / Barnes & Noble POD?

No further costs are involved. You do NOT need to pay for printing – we will deduct the printing cost from the sales amount received.

How much royalty do I receive with Amazon / Barnes & Noble POD?

Royalties depend on book size, number of pages and sales price of your book. It is usually between 10-20% of your sales price.

Can I use Amazon and Barnes & Noble POD for sales with booksmango?

Yes, but with restrictions:
YES: we will include a BUY link of your book pointing to Amazon. Your customers could then purchase your POD book via our BUY link directly from Amazon. You will receive between 10-20% royalties.
Restrictions: Shipping by Amazon is either from the US or Europe. If you target mostly readers residing in Asia or Australia/New Zealand, shipping charges will be prohibitive and we would advise to produce some copies and sell directly with us – we ship from Thailand. We then need physical copies in storage and you need to print at least 20 copies with us. You will receive 65% net royalties.

What is the recommendation if I wish to see my book in print?

1. Publish as eBook
2. Print 20-100 copies for personal use and sale with
3. Make your book available as Amazon and Barnes & Noble POD
4. Submit 2 review copies to Asia Books for distribution in Thailand
5. Print more books if your title is accepted by Asia Books

Will you edit my manuscript?

Yes, optionally and highly recommended for EVERY manuscript: $12.99 per 1,000 words.

Can you help with cover designs?

Yes, we can design a professional cover for $99 (e-book front cover only) or $149 (front, spine, back cover). We employ very talented designers and you can request two revisions. We can incorporate your own ideas/photos if you wish.
If you’d rather wish to see two different styled cover drafts before deciding on any revisions, then please choose our $199 cover package (front/spine/back) which includes two cover drafts and a maximum of 10 revisions.

What about typesetting and layout?

We provide free typesetting for all text-only manuscripts but apply a charge of $5-10 per page for professional photo book design (minimum charge is US$199)

What are net receipts?

List price minus retailer commissions (usually 30-65% depending on sales channel and territory sold) minus applicable retailer fees (e.g. credit card processing fees, delivery fees, etc.) minus taxes.

Where can I get sales reports?

You can log into your account 24/7 to see up-to-date sales statistics.

Sales on our website are recorded in realtime.

Sales from other retailers (Amazon, Apple, kobo, etc.) are added every end of the month with a 1-3 month delay from actual sales depending on retailer (e.g. sales from January will show up end of February, March or April)

How and when will I get paid?

We pay end of every month to your PayPal account with a $10 threshold.

How much do I get paid for my printed book?

65% if sold on our website
50% if distributed to stores in Thailand
10-20% if sold with Amazon POD (Print On Demand)

How much do I get paid for my e-book?

70% of the net receipt which equals to about 40% net payout from list price with all fees & taxes deducted.

What are your official terms?

1. The term of these Terms shall commence as of the date your book is published and shall continue for an initial contract length of one year after which the book can be removed at any time as long as account status shows a positive amount.
2. No upfront fees but a $29 one-time set-up fee will be deducted from sales
3. Payments will be disbursed end of every month with a $10 threshold
4. Payments via PayPal
5. All prices in US$
6. Royalties: 70% of net receipts which result to approximately 40% from listed price
7. Net Receipts = list price minus retailer commissions (usually 30-65% depending on sales channel and territory sold) minus applicable retailer fees (e.g. credit card processing fees, delivery fees, etc.) minus taxes
8. Copyrights stay with the author
9. You herewith expressly acknowledge that you own or are licensor to all right, title and interest in and to the published book.