How Authors Can Win in Amazon’s Competitive Market…

We all know Amazon’s book market is extremely competitive…

And no – it’s not just about having a professional book.

And by a ‘professional’ book, I mean:

1. Good and error-free writing
2. Professional layout/formatting
3. Stunning cover
4. Enticing title, blurb, and description

A professional book matters, but what also matters is bringing people to your book…

Optimized category listing – find low competition categories that will make it easier for you to crack the top 10. 

1. Check Amazon Best Seller’s categories related to your book
2. Find one where the Nr. 10 ranked book is ranked high (100,000 or more)
3. Try to find more categories like this and continue to next steps…

Share book with family and friends – ask your family and friends to purchase your book on the same day and your book will get an immediate sales rank boost.

Run an Amazon ad campaign – run ads the same day your family and friends purchase your book. 

With all these steps executed, your chance of ‘winning’ on Amazon is 10x more possible. 

BUT, don’t forget to continuously test and experiment. 

Always. Keep. Learning.

💭 What strategies are you putting in place to get your book out there?

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