Self-Publishing for Everyone

  1. The quick and easy route for those who are confident in their writing or want to try out the self-publishing route without spending too much money – many tasks can be completed on your own or by hiring pros – good resource is Fiverr.
  2. 1. Write in Microsoft Word and self-edit (or hire an editor)
  3. 2. Design your own cover or hire someone from Fiverr
  4. 3. Use ISBN assigned by the retailer (not possible when selling with Apple Books – own ISBN is required there) or buy your own (see list here) or use from a publisher here
  5. 4. Format your book for all eBook and POD (Print-on-Demand) retailers – hire a pro to get this done quickly and error-free.
  6. 5. Upload to all retailers – list is here.

Good luck to all and don’t hesitate to contact me if help is needed.

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