Uploading and Selling your Book on All Retailers 📚

You can easily create accounts with all major online retailers and upload and sell by yourself without using a middleman (distributor, aggregator) and therefore keep full profits without sharing with anyone else. 

All major retailers (Amazon, Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, kobo, etc.) make it easy to create an account, upload your book files and sell on their platform. 

💰 You will get paid monthly to your bank account and can make any changes to your book listing easily and as often as you wish (price, description, files and so on).

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IngramSpark also cater to POD (print-on-demand), which basically means that your book is printed and shipped out to the customer’s address once they hit the ‘order’ button.

You can also extend distribution to even more retailers, libraries and third party sellers with book distributors/aggregators but you can handle the major retailers on your own.

Here the Top 5:

Amazon (ebook & paperback print)
Apple (ebook only)
Google (ebook only)
kobo (ebook only)
Barnes & Noble (ebook only)

Recommended for Print-On-Demand books (POD)

IngramSpark (printed book, paperback and hardback)

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