What is Full Self-Publishing?

Do you want to have full control of every aspect in publishing and cut out the middleman completely?

Many authors think they self-publish but they actually aren’t. Although many publish directly with their own account at Amazon, they do not use the same approach with other retailers and use distributors/aggregators where they upload their files who then convert those and submit to retailers. That is NOT true self-publishing as you do not have full control and have no direct contract with the retailer.

FULL self-publishing is where you:

  • Use your OWN ISBN which shows your own imprint and use this same ISBN with ALL retailers. For US authors: you need to purchase ISBNs at Bowker ($125 for one ISBN)
  • Amazon: publish with your own account which you control and use your own ISBN (do not use Amazon’s free ISBN as the imprint is Amazon Digital Services and not your OWN imprint/name). Many use Amazon’s assigned ISBN – but that’s only half-hearted and not true self-publishing.
  • Apple: create your OWN account with Apple and upload all files directly using iTunes Producer software downloaded from Apple. You need a Mac computer to be able to do so. Many struggle here if they do not own a Mac and instead use a distributor who upload for them – that’s not true self-publishing even if it is free (which usually isn’t free as the distributor most probably takes a cut from sales).
  • Kobo / Barnes & Noble / Google: easy to create an account and upload all files directly. Use the same ISBN across all other retailers.

You will control all files/settings/uploads/payments going the true self-publishing way – you can consult publishing professionals on the way to get all files needed but the uploading/submission/selling/payment part should be fully in your hand.

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