What Your Book Needs to Succeed

Everyone seems to write and publish a book on Amazon these days. It’s no doubt that e-book publishing completely revolutionized the publishing industry. 

Now everyone can be a writer and release a book worldwide to millions of readers. But how can one be successful with millions of books listed?

I clearly remember the pre e-book days. I was supplying the biggest bookstore chains in Thailand and Singapore, and my books were easy to find in stores. I basically dominated the language books genre and temporarily controlled the market in that niche. Any new book saw an initial print-run of at least 2,000 copies and those were distributed to stores within days (and sold within weeks).

But now with millions of eBooks online, how can one find your book?

After having helped publish more than 1,500 books, I realized that the main differences some books make it and others don’t, is that the best-selling books have a stunning cover, title, and blurb that clearly speak to the reader. 

When the reader views your book, your book should be professionally edited and correctly formatted. It’s as simple as that. After this, you need to consistently promote your book and get honest reviews. The process is simple, but executing consistently is difficult.

💭 What are your thoughts?

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