Who we are

Established in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand as traditional book publisher and fully owned by Austrian entrepreneur since its inception. We have expanded to the United States in Spring of 2018, which now serves as Booksmango’s main headquarter. 

You can opt to self-publish with booksmango.shop (no fees) or choose one of our publishing packages for full service publishing.

How to make an ebook file? How to self-publish a book? We added our self-publishing services to help authors get error-free mobi and kindle ebook files, as well as Apple ePub files and POD (print-on-demand) pdf files. This means you’ll have your book available world-wide within a week.

Combine this with a stand-out book cover and authors can successfully self-publish their ebooks and printed books.

Let our professional team handle the heavy work. We have more than 20 years experience with printed books and eBooks, and we’ll happily help you get your book self-published with zero errors.


How to Self-Publish?

Kindle, mobi, ePub? What does that all mean? Which file for which retailer and how to create those? How can I get my book into print?

What’s up with TOC? What is an ISBN and where to get one? How about the cover?

Self-publish a book is a daunting task. Get your ebook files with the help of booksmango and you are on your way to become the next bestselling author.


Full service self-publishing offering high quality typesetting, layout, formatting, eBook conversion, digital printing, cover design & distribution services

Our self-publishing platform and online bookstore. Publish completely free as a self-publishing author. Showcase your book(s) with your author page.

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