What is your budget to publish a book? 💰

I’m genuinely curious to learn your thoughts on your ideal budget when you publish a book. What have you spent on editing, cover design, formatting, files, book printing, or promotion? Do you do everything yourself or do you outsource some aspects of publishing?

Why You Should Self-Publish

Forbes estimates that more than 1,000,000 books are self-published every single year. But with all this competition, why should you self-publish? Simple – be your own boss and control every aspect of your book! You control where to sell and for which price; you will get paid directly to your bank account. You are in …

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5 Biggest Mistakes Authors Make

#1 Uploading MS Word doc file to Amazon and letting it convert Many authors tend to think that uploading their MS Word docs is all that is needed and suddenly decide that they have officially ‘self-published’ their books. To let automated software take control of your book’s layout and typesetting is a very WRONG approach. …

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Secret of Success in Publishing

The ‘secret’ of success is the consistency to pursue. I see a lot of people overcomplicating the process and trying to get things done fast. The problem is: it’s not about intensity, it’s about consistency. Rather than looking for immediate results, focus on making the daily little choices that will lead to incremental progress toward …

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