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Tran, Duong (1)
Author since: April 27, 2016

Pages: 215
Language: English
eISBN: 9781633237926
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Genre: Computers /

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Information Technology HandBook covers all-in-one Information Technology 2016, Network System Administration 2016, and Infrastructure and Data Center.

This book is a collection of Information Technology big pictures. The purpose of the book is to help students and network system administrators to learn Information Technology. The book covers many topics such as networking, system administration, cabling, VOIP, desktop management, server management, information storage, IT security, wireless, mobile management, cloud infrastructure, software-defined-data center, software-defined-storage, software-defined-network, data center, orchestration, automation, IT service management, help desk, database administration, problem solving, disaster and recovery, risk management, asset management, time management, budget management, project management, IT services, and the future of IT.

This book is for everyone students and managers. This book is worth more than $10,000 of training and four years degree.


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