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Spencer, David (3)
Author since: September 9, 2008

Pages: 45
Language: English
eISBN: 9781946765208
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Visiting Thailand can be both exhilarating and enjoyable, sometimes frustrating but always enlightening. Thai people will extend a genuine welcome to Westerners who are prepared to accept their way of life and unique culture. However visitors can easily get into trouble due to a lack of understanding of Thai culture and customs.
Thailand is a beautiful and diverse country and this book is intended to provide information on how a visitor to Thailand should conduct themselves and seek help if necessary so as to have an enjoyable and trouble free visit.
The book is primarily for first time visitors coming to Thailand on holiday. It is not intended to give advice to those who wish to work or stay in Thailand for an extended period. In particular the visa requirements for these people are complex.
All the tips given in this book are based on personal experience or that of close friends and are solely to help to make sure your trip to Thailand is a holiday of a lifetime and does not become a nightmare.
The book is not designed to recommend places to visit, hotels, shops or restaurants etc. as this is amply covered in other publications.


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